this historic ensemble of signal box and annexe building can be found on the outskirts of the small town of Lissendorf.

Historic fin de siècle railway station with 4 tracks. At present, the entire building complex is vacant. The station restaurant is closed, as is the station itself.

Historic railway station located in the city centre of the climatic spa town of Gerolstein, in the Vulkaneifel district of western Germany.

Religious, economic and cultural centre of the Eifel region since the Middle Ages, the Cistercian monastery of Himmerod is nestled in a remote valley, far away from the next town.

this rural filling station with garage and car wash is located at the entrance to the small town of Meisburg. Since the station is privately owned, there is no brand advertising.

This fish farm is situated off the beaten track in a quiet valley.

Bordered by a forest, the remains of a medieval castle, dating back to around 1335, stand in a solitary position atop the ridge of a hill.

originally conceived as a moated castle, this historic ensemble is quietly situated in the small village of Lissingen.

The castle, which was built as a fortified manor house, is located on a small road in the small town of Oberehe.

This medieval hilltop castle is located near the municipality of Mürlenbach in the Volcanic Eifel district of Rhineland-Palatinate.