Himmerod Abbey



brief description: 

Religious, economic and cultural centre of the Eifel region since the Middle Ages, the Cistercian monastery of Himmerod is nestled in a remote valley, far away from the next town. A beautiful view of the monastery with its impressive Baroque church and several annexe buildings can be had from the road passing above it. Visitors can access the grounds via the main entrance through a gatehouse. Past the service buildings and their corresponding various monastery stores, past the library and the café, a paved path leads to the church at the end of the grounds. The church interior is rather sober, allowing the main focus to be directed towards the impressive high altar. Situated adjoining to the church are the cloisters and administrative buildings. There is also a monastery garden with meadows and a garden house. Overall, Himmerod Abbey is a lovely motif with beautiful sweeping rural grounds.


Steffen Conrad