Oberehe Castle



brief description: 

The castle, which was built as a fortified manor house, is located on a small road in the small town of Oberehe. Visitors enter through the gatehouse, flanked by two towers, and cross the paved courtyard to the two-storeyed main building. The gatehouse façade which faces the courtyard is richly adorned with ornaments in stucco. Besides the main building and the gatehouse, the castle complex consists of a third historic building, one which features a wooden canopied porch and a lawn area facing the street. The garden, with fruit trees, a swimming pool and an ancient pavilion, can be accessed via a stone archway at the rear of the ensemble. It extends down towards the valley, and there is a small staircase which leads to a spot with a marvellous view of the valley. Enclosed by a high rubble stone wall, almost the entire castle ensemble is in its state of origin, in very well kept condition.