Unterburg Lissingen



brief description: 

originally conceived as a moated castle, this historic ensemble is quietly situated in the small village of Lissingen. On a slightly sloping stone paved terrain, the manor house, the stables, the barn and other buildings are grouped around the castle courtyard, lending the ensemble a nearly unchanged, historic ambience. On the ground floor, the main building houses a museum with historically furnished rooms, such as a true-to-original kitchen or a parlour with a baroque stucco ceiling. The rooms on the upper floors have not yet been renovated and are still in their state of origin, exuding a morbid charm. All doors and windows are still original, and there is also a well maintained attic. A broad staircase connects the 3 storeys of the building. As part of the museum, a collection of antique carriages and sleighs is on display in the barn. A café/bistro with a modern kitchen and sanitary facilities can be found in one of the annexe buildings. This space is also frequently used for festivities such as wedding ceremonies and parties. The location offers several possibilities for setting up green rooms. Overall, Unterburg Lissingen is perfect for any production who wishes to achieve an authentic castle look. Parking available vis-à-vis the main entrance.


Steffen Conrad