The "Alte Schmelz" is an industrial cathedral, protected as a historic monument, and can be used as event or production venue for all types of studio projects or events.

The bakery "Sander" is located in an old brick building. The interior decoration and the wall decoration are from the 1950s. The bakery is a corner building.

Bataville is the name of an industrial complex, a former model city and living community which used to be the seat of one of the most modern shoe factories in Europe.

Becker Tower, the Becker Brewery's former brewhouse, was erected between 1925 and 1931 according to plans by a governmental master builder from Stuttgart, Hans Herkommer, who had risen to architectural fame in 1920s Germany for his building of Catholic churches.

Bettinger Mill, which has a proud 750-year history and once belonged to the Benedictine monastery Tholey Abbey, has been in use to grind grain up until the late 1970s.

Lorraine is a land of artistic traditions, rich in sandstone, sand, water and wood, all major ingredients that go into the making of glass.

Eva Ferranti - Italian Hand-made Fashion was founded 12 years ago and the company has been established at this address for the past 2 years.

Tailor's workshop, alterations.

Hair salon with integrated barber shop on a surface of 180 m².

former glassworks

a benchmark on the European milling market, Les Grands Moulins de Paris, with over 2.400 collaborators and a 512 million EURO turnover are a key player in the food industry.

this operational sawmill bears witness to more than 500 years of woodworking in the large forests of the Vosges Mountains.

This long industrial road in Belval, a suburb of Esch-sur-Alzette, leads past the fallow buildings of a former industrial site.

Dating back to the 1800s, this historic mill, situated at the end of town, has retained its original charm. Over the past two centuries, nothing seems to have changed.

Der Entwurf des Turms beruht auf dem Grundgedanken, dass der Umgang mit Relikten aus dem Kohlebergbau, der für die Gemeinde Riegelsberg über viele Jahre prägend war, neu definiert werden muss.

the palette factory is located at the entrance of the municipality of Wallersheim. Beyond the fore court facing the street stand the factory buildings.

The Petit Pain bake shop gets its typical French style bread and pastries from a traditional bakery in Lorraine. Small free-standing sales pavilion from the 1950s with platform roof.

Carpenter's shop specialised in staircase construction. Large factory work floor with woodworking machines and CNC machining centre.

Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche is a small commune in the northern part of the Moselle Department in the French region of Lorraine.

medium-sized shop with a large display window and vertical blinds. Two separate areas, the back room has a window

the mighty supporting wall of a former metal factory was built toward the end of the 19th century and extends hundreds of metres along a hill in the village of Villerupt.

The historic water mill whose origins date back to the penultimate century can be seen from afar.

the Hass & Ziegler woodshop/woodworking company disposes of one open and one enclosed large capacity storage depot, two swarf silos, one office building, and one planing factory (old brick buil