Becker Brewery with Vaulted Basement



brief description: 

Becker Tower, the Becker Brewery's former brewhouse, was erected between 1925 and 1931 according to plans by a governmental master builder from Stuttgart, Hans Herkommer, who had risen to architectural fame in 1920s Germany for his building of Catholic churches. The concrete tower has nine storeys and measures 42 m in height. It houses all the machines, instruments, appliances, vessels, and containers necessary for the production process, as well as the Braustübel bistro (on the top floor). Becker Tower, which is under preservation order, has become the landmark of St. Ingbert, a charming medium-sized town in the Saar-Palatinate district

relevant filming facts

in 1997, beer production was moved to the Karlsberg Brewery in the neighbouring town of Homburg. At the same time, the Innovationspark am Becker Turm was established in St. Ingbert, an innovation park which, by now, has provided jobs for over 200 people across the region. Today, more than 40 up-and-coming high tech businesses, service enterprises, and manufacturers are based on the site of the former brewery
Background noise: 
incoming and outgoing transporters, cars, and trucks in the brewery compound; very quiet inside the vaulted basement
available inside the tower and the A4 building
possible disturbing factors: 
noise from incoming and outgoing transporters, cars, and trucks
Space restrictions: 
to be discussed
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed
can be organised by the Sudhaus restaurant (housed in the brewery´s former machine hall) upon prior agreement. Please call 49 (0) 6894103333
can be made available after consultation with Mr. Braun
Filming experience: 
Saarländischer Rundfunk (German public broadcaster) for a television magazine called Mags


coming from Saarbrücken, take the A620/A6 motorways in the direction of Mannheim. Leave the A6 by taking the St. Ingbert West exit (5), follow the direction of Saarbrücken, Ensheim, Mandelbachtal, St. Ingbert, and continue on the L126 country road. After approx. 500 m, leave the L126 and turn left onto the L108. Continue going straight, following the course of the Ensheimer Straße. After you have passed the St. Ingbert train station (Bahnhof), turn right onto Alte Bahnhofstraße and follow the course of the main road. You will pass a crossraods, then pass under a tunnel, and go straight at the next intersection. After approx. 500 m, turn right, you will have reached the Becker Brewery


sanitary facilities: 
parking lot: 
sufficient spaces available
electricity supply: 
can be arranged after consultation. Power in the vaulted basement must be supplied by cable
water supply: 


Steffen Conrad