J. P. Dieschbourg Mill in Echternach



brief description: 

Dating back to the 1800s, this historic mill, situated at the end of town, has retained its original charm. Over the past two centuries, nothing seems to have changed. The factory site faces the street and can be accessed through a large entrance gate. Behind the two-storey kontor or office building on the right side, you can see the tall and slender building which accommodates the actual mill itself. The historic facade is pierced by five rows of windows, next to the entrance is a ramp with a canopy. The interior captivates with its beautiful authentic ambiance, reminiscent of previous times, reflected in the equipment which is still in its original state and fully functioning. Powered by leather belts, the grinding machines rotate, clattering and rattling away tirelessly, while following the operational procedures of a cleverly devised system. An old spiral staircase leads to the different building levels, each one equipped with different machines. In one space, for example, you can find a table with a set of scales: this is where the flour and the homemade coffee are weighed and bagged, just like in the olden days. Here, time seems to have stood still. A historic freight elevator also still exists. An all-around lovely location with stunning patina, exuding a wonderful sense of old world charm. Relatively loud machine noise. Parking available on site. Film teams are expected to implement anticipatory logistics/organisation concepts, so as to not hamper production at the mill.


Karin Schockweiler