Better known for its battlefields, Verdun also boasts an invaluable architectural heritage, to which the Episcopal Palace is a magnificent testimony. In his memoirs, the Duke of Saint-Simon (the first Bishop of Verdun) describes the building as the biggest and most splendid episcopal palace in France. It stands next to the Cathedral of Verdun with its cloister which, reminiscent of an acropolis, dominate the cityscape.

Bourglinster Castle stands atop a hill above the rooftops of the little village bearing its name. Evidence suggests the castle may have been built as long ago as the 11th or 12th century.

Located near the village of Bourscheid in north-eastern Luxembourg, the medieval castle stands majestically on a rock plateau high above the River Sauer (French Sûre), dominating the craggy Sauer V

This medieval hilltop castle is located near the municipality of Mürlenbach in the Volcanic Eifel district of Rhineland-Palatinate.

sitting on a rocky promontory above the river Chiers, surrounded by wooden hills and the village of Cons-la-Grandville, the castle was built on the remains of a medieval stronghold erected by Dudon

In the heart of the three-country-border, at the threshold of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium, the feudal fortress had initially been built to defend the nearby medieval town of

ancient military keep/château in charming surroundings. Renovation in progress (2011).

in the 19th century, the Château of Thillombois underwent extensive alterations under the supervision of the Nettancourt-Vaubécourts, an illustrious family who owned the château until 1961, when th

with its high walls towering over the houses below, the imposing feudal castle stands on a rocky spur above the town of Clervaux in the Ardennes region of Luxembourg.

embedded in the Eifel region of Rhineland-Palatinate, this ancient castle is a momentous site for the small village of Dudeldorf.

the fortress, which is affectionately nicknamed Emma's Castle by the people of the Geul valley, was officially mentioned for the first time in 1260.

towards the end of the Middle Ages, the primary function of the Reichs-Fortress was to oversee the Kaiserstrasse (Emperor´s Road), the main road connecting Paris with the Rhine river.

with a longitudinal section of 425 metres, Lichtenberg Castle, situated in the heart of the Palatinate Hills (Pfälzer Bergland), is among the largest castle complexes in Germany.

Montclair castle is situated near Mettlach, on a long stretched ridge amidst the so called Saar Bend, where the river meanders through the Saar valley in a horseshoe-shaped loop.

Niederburg and Oberburg form a beautiful, exceptional ensemble of two medieval castles, staggered one behind the other on two steep rocks in the Eifel town of Manderscheid.

The castle, which was built as a fortified manor house, is located on a small road in the small town of Oberehe.

medieval castle situated in the High Fens, a unique upland area in the province of Liège, Belgium.

Surrounded by contemporary housing, the historic 700 year old castle complex with defence tower is situated on a rather little frequented road in the town centre of Rittersdorf in Rhineland-Palatinate. A wooden bridge leads across the moat, which encircles the castle, and into the paved courtyard.

originally conceived as a moated castle, this historic ensemble is quietly situated in the small village of Lissingen.

The impressive castle towers dramatically above the picturesque village of Vianden, in a natural landscape of unparalleled beauty, on the banks of the river Our.