Kirkel Castle



brief description: 

towards the end of the Middle Ages, the primary function of the Reichs-Fortress was to oversee the Kaiserstrasse (Emperor´s Road), the main road connecting Paris with the Rhine river. During the 13th century, the castle was the fiefdom of the counts of Saarwerden, from whose lineage the future sovereigns of Kirkel were to emerge. It must have been in the mid 13th century that the ancient fortification was replaced by a castle with a semicircular tower, whose foundation walls can still be seen. During the War of the Reunions, the castle fell under siege, and when the French left the stronghold again in 1689, they demolished all the gates and drawbridges. A devastating fire finally and irrevocably destroyed the castle, and the entire structure fell into ruins. In 1955, the ruinous tower was restored and endowed with a spiral staircase leading up to a new polygonal spire, so that visitors could once again enjoy the vast, magnificent view across the densely wooded Saar-Palatinate region. Following initial probing activities during the 1980s, systematic archeological excavations and the restoration of the castle ruin have been underway since 1993

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
the castle and the Craftsmen´s Village are open to the public free of charge all year round
tourism (Medieval Market or Castle Summer events, etc.)
interior architecture: 
no interior space apart from the staircase inside the tower and the circular room inside the spire
Background noise: 
possible disturbing factors: 
possibly interfering noise due to tourism (in particular on special action days, during the Medieval Market or the Castle Summer, e.g.)
Space restrictions: 
to be discussed
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed
upon prior agreement, the restaurant next to the castle could serve as caterer. The Burgklause seats approx. 25 persons. Please contact Andrea Bruckart. Phone: 49 (0)6894/1314 (afternoons)
upon prior agreement with Mr. Wasteiner, a portakabin/construction site trailer and the bakery building on Craftsmen´s Alley can be made available for make-up, wardrobe, technical equipment, etc.
Filming experience: 
German television productions for Saarländischer Rundfunk and Sat1


sanitary facilities: 
parking lot: 
upon prior agreement with Mr. Wasteiner, production vehicles can drive up to the foot of the castle
electricity supply: 
electrical panels (high voltage) at the foot of the castle. No power connection available inside the castle ruin itself
water supply: 
available at the foot of the castle


Steffen Conrad