Bourglinster Castle



brief description: 

Bourglinster Castle stands atop a hill above the rooftops of the little village bearing its name. Evidence suggests the castle may have been built as long ago as the 11th or 12th century. During its restoration, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements were integrated into the original Romanesque style architecture. While seeming to blend seamlessly into the natural rock landscape, the different building parts provide different visual impressions, depending on the position from which the castle is viewed. The main gate is flanked by a pair of towers. A bridge leads into the inner courtyard, from where the different building parts, and two excellent restaurants, can be accessed. The building at the forefront of the castle complex houses the administration. Bourglinster can easily be reached via an access road. There is a large parking lot for visitors. The newly constructed venue across from the castle offers additional premises which could be used as green room space or for catering purposes. Sanitary facilities are available on site.


Karin Schockweiler