18th century château, furnished, prestige object

The abbey was built in 1606 in Luxembourg.

the main building was built in the Neo-Roman style by Franciscan nuns in 1903. During World War I, it was temporarily occupied by German troops, then by French troops from 1919 on.

over the past years, the small town of Wiltz has realised an ambitious project: the construction of a school centre for the northern region of Luxembourg.

The LNS is a multidisciplinary institute residing in a building complex that is rather out of the ordinary.

renovated baroque style castle with beautiful park

Located in an industrial zone in the commune of Leudelange, this peculiar fire station can be seen from afar, its hose tower being reminiscent of a launch pad.

The Cité Judiciaire is a judiciary quarter, located in the very heart of Luxembourg City, not too far from the commercial district downtown.

This two lane road tunnel of approximately 100 metres length passes underneath the Philharmonie Luxembourg concert hall. It leads from Rue J. F.