National Health Laboratory (LNS)



brief description: 

The LNS is a multidisciplinary institute residing in a building complex that is rather out of the ordinary. Originally, the hygiene institute was housed in a historic villa but, over the course of time, it expanded to such an extent that, today, the various departments are dispersed over a variety of annexed buildings and, in part, building containers. This ensemble of buildings has a strictly functional purpose, it is not exactly an architectural masterpiece. The rear side of the historic villa literally merges into a new construction, with laboratory maintenance pipes and tubes passing between the two. The facade is pierced with air conditioning devices and exterior staircases made of steel, giving it a very techno-modern look which is further enhanced by a superstructure of steel beams and a cubic glass annexe. Depending on the perspective, it can be quite difficult to discern where one building ends and the next one begins, the construction style (or absence thereof) results in odd angles, nooks and crannies. Yet another laboratory of the LNS is accommodated across the street, in an old single-storey building and container offices, in front of which is a courtyard. Parking available in immediate proximity.


Karin Schockweiler