Judiciary City of Luxembourg



brief description: 

The Cité Judiciaire is a judiciary quarter, located in the very heart of Luxembourg City, not too far from the commercial district downtown. The Office of the Public Prosecutor, the Supreme Court, the Magistrate's Office, the Commercial Court and the District Court are all housed here. The quarter, complete with public roads, lanes and squares, has been created to consolidate the various judicial departments, which are distributed across several buildings, on one single site. The buildings look as if they were historic originals which have just undergone extensive renovations. Everything seems picture-perfect, with absolutely nothing there to disturb the very harmonious architectural ensemble. In reality, the entire Cité Judiciaire is the very contemporary creation of a star architect. Built between 2003 and 2008 in the modern Moselle Baroque style to match the surrounding area, it fits seamlessly into the historical context of Luxembourg City, both in design and urban terms. The traditional plasterwork facades with their three-dimensional sculpted stucco details (applied by means of a new technique) enhance the quarter's unique character, as does the clever treatment of spatial divisions. Overall excellent conditions for filming. The background noise which is typical for any city could be of minor disturbance.


Karin Schockweiler