the adult education centre is one of the few buildings from the 1950s which have already been placed under monumental protection. Designed by the architect Prof.

the Borny quarter lies east of Metz and represents a classic example of 1960s urban planning.

Briey's Cité Radieuse (radiant city) from 1961 is a remarkable example of contemporary architectural heritage.

Folsterhöhe is a tower block complex on the outskirts of Saarbrücken, located approx. 3,5 km from the city centre, close to the French border.

old residential building, renovated in 2006. Caritas Catholic charity centre with homeless shelter and soup kitchen. Located directly across from the Saarlouis train station.

residential building with 32 apartments, built in 1966, completely renovated in 2008

community food bank located in a former tobacco factory in an industrial park on the city of Saarlouis. Renovated and restructured in 2008/2009

Kalinka’s mission is to help integrate children of Russian background into German society, while preserving their ability to communicate in their mother tongue and to appreciate Russian literature

over the past years, the small town of Wiltz has realised an ambitious project: the construction of a school centre for the northern region of Luxembourg.

Secondary school. The 3-storey main building from the 1960s has a moment-resisting steel frame and a large atrium.

the Pont-à-Mousson media centre is housed in a modern complex built in 1993.

the Wohnstadt settlement dates back to the 1960s. It is characterised by 2 main development roads and traffic-free streets leading to the individual houses.

renovated baroque style castle with beautiful park

The LNS is a multidisciplinary institute residing in a building complex that is rather out of the ordinary.

mixed residential and commercial building, situated in an exclusively residential area in the district of Roden (Saarlouis).

residential and commercial building, built in 2008, with lovely courtyard.

residential buildings with 6 apartments each. Built in 1930, renovated in 2005. Exclusively residential area in the heart of Saarlouis.

The roof apartment is on the second floor. It has a large living room with window front and additional windows in the sloping ceiling. This is in 1 ½ storey height.

Saint Julien%u2019s is part of the University Medical Centre of Nancy. Situated in the heart of the city, the hospital specialises in the long time care of senior citizens.

The waterworks are operated by the municipality of Schmelz to supply its citizens with drinking water

the administrative building which houses the offices of the UKV health insurance company was built in 1995.

the university campus is composed of a great variety of different buildings and structures dating from the past eight decades.

the main building was built in the Neo-Roman style by Franciscan nuns in 1903. During World War I, it was temporarily occupied by German troops, then by French troops from 1919 on.

The Lycée Technique Agricole (LTA) a vocational school for agricultural professions, is located slightly outside of the centre of Ettelbruck, in an impressive historic building ensemble which dates back to the fin de siècle.

the youth and culture centre MJC Lillebonne-Saint Epvre is located on Rue de la Source, in an elegant private mansion dating back to the 16th century.