Vocational School for Agriculture in Ettelbruck



brief description: 

The Lycée Technique Agricole (LTA) a vocational school for agricultural professions, is located slightly outside of the centre of Ettelbruck, in an impressive historic building ensemble which dates back to the fin de siècle. The multi-storey, two-winged main building also houses a boarding school. An access road leads through the entrance gate directly to the heart of the complex, a gatehouse which, in its upper storeys, accommodates a chapel. Passing through the gatehouse, you will reach the courtyard, which divides the ensemble into two separate areas: the vocational school and the boarding school. The different building parts are grouped around the courtyard, reminiscent of a star-shaped bastion. Several entrances are located on the side and rear facades. The large open space in front of the school complex offers the best view of the entire building ensemble. At first glance, it slightly resembles a military barrack, an impression which is underlined by the plain grey plasterwork and the lattice windows. The imposing building complex has always served as a school. The building interior has had to surpass its historic origin, however, with corridors and class rooms having been adapted, transformed and modernised in order to meet today`s schooling requirements. Sanitary facilities and spaces for green rooms are available on the premises, as is ample parking.


Karin Schockweiler