The climbing park is located just outside the Jägersburg disctrict in the city of Homburg.

This modern family-friendly public pool is one of the most beautiful open air pools in the northern part of Saarland. It’s especially popular for its good water quality, the peaceful atmosphere, and the beautiful surrounding nature, all of which invite young and old to spend relaxing moments here.

archeologically documented burial mounds in the Franco-German border area bear witness to the fact that Celtic tribes used to populate the valley of the river Nied.

with its facilities and services, the Lebenshilfe gGmbH (literally Life-Help LLC) supports mentally handicapped people and their families.

The courtyard of the estate in Neunkirchen-Furpach is reminiscent of a historic market square. Idyllic location with park and pond (Furpacher Weiher).

Das moderne Schwimmbad in Creutzwald verfügt über mehrere Becken im Innen- und Außenbereich. Das Hauptbecken hat eine Länge von 25 m, die Wasserrutsche ist 50 m lang.

the Devil's Gorge is a deep ravine between the cliffs of the Litermont. Enclosed on three sides by high-rising rock faces on whose crags grow trees. Footpaths lead from two sides into the gorge.

situated under the Johannisbrücke bridge, next to the freight station, on the edge of the forest, the dog breeding club and dog training centre has a rustic club house with L-shaped main space, cou

Pond with jetty located in the western part of the district of Hüttersdorf in the municipality of Schmelz.

The Escape Room offers rooms of strategy games with an industrial flair with the topic "the factory" ("Die Fabrik").

The Escape Room offers rooms of strategy games with the following topics:
- the curse of the pharaoh (Egyptian flair)
- the game (gloomy and dirty room, like the room from the first scene from SAW 1)
- Jack the Ripper (London 18th century)

The historic estate Furpach and the adjoining pond are a popular destination for a weekend getaway. The pond was created as a fish pond in 1564 by filling up a dam. From 1806, the Karcher manufacturing family attended to the estate, which was taken over by the industrial community of Neunkirchen in 1904. In 1960, the entire terrain was placed at the disposal of the public as a recreational area, and since 1970, it is a nature preserve.

This ist the most modern and longest indoor karting worldwide circuit. It has a length of 1.1 km. This karting centre is located in an industrial zone on the outskirts of Eupen.

50 hectare landscape park. Lake with pedal boats. Bandshell, stream of water, small train on tracks, gastronomy, bunker, Gulliver%u2019s World, mini golf course, cable car.

the Aqualouis indoor swimming facility with sauna world was built in 1968.

In close proximity to the D`COQUE events and sports centre on the Kirchberg Plateau in Luxembourg-City, a new public green space with bodies of water has been created.

ocated in the town of Kirkel-Neuhäusel, the rock path, which in part is a geological nature trail, winds in serpentines along a 6 km stretch of bizarre rock formations.

Quietly situated on the outskirts of the forest. Shadowy parking lot. Reclining and tanning areas on the terraces, by the pools and on the lawn (sunny, shadowy and quiet spots).

This fin-de-siècle pavilion can be found nestled amidst the Park de Sept Heures in the centre of the city of Spa, famed for its healing hot mineral springs.

the 14-hectare zoo on the outskirts of Neunkirchen is home to over 500 animals representing more than 100 species: falconry with raptors and owls, Asian elephant temple with large outdoor enclosure

replica of Claude Chappe´s optical semaphore station, which was part of the telegraph line inaugurated by Napoleon I in 1813, operating between Metz and Mainz.

Outdoor pool in an exceptionally picturesque setting with wonderful view of the surroundings. Built on the western flank of a hill, it overlooks the town of Kleinblittersdorf.

founding location of the swimming club in 1925

the riverwalk runs alongside the banks of the Moselle, which flows through Pont-à-Mousson. Promenaders have a wonderful view of the river, the town, and the town church.

Spread over an area of 20 hectares on the site of a former industrial port, Saarbrücken's Bürgerpark has a very contemporary feel to it.

public pool with clever roof construction. Weather permitting, the roof can be opened within a few minutes, transforming the indoor into an outdoor pool.

the state-of-the-art system of basins with rain water, pit water and diverse planting (landscaped 

this provencal rockery with terraces was created on a 2000 m² terrain on a south-western slope.

Originally named „Gutshof Junkerwald“ for the forest in which it is situated, the former farming estate has been transformed into a restaurant with 80 covers inside and outdoor seating for 300 gues

the riverwalk is a popular leisure destination for tourists and locals alike, especially during the summer months. It stretches along the Moselle for approx.

Scheune Neuhaus was built in the late 1800s on the premises of a centuries-old château, the origins of which stretch back to a 12th century castle (Wanborn Forest Castle) that belonged to the Count

the Snow Hall in Amnéville is the only indoor ski park in all of France.

As the green heart of Weiskirchen, the spa park is entirely accessible to the public and a paradise for promenaders.

the Staden is a stretch of riverbank in the very heart of Saarbrücken, which extends approx.

this camping site is located in immediate proximity of the Goldene Bremm (border between Saarland/Germany and Lorraine/France), next to the motorway and can be accessed via side roads.

bowling center with entertainment, sports bar and billiards.

situated in the town of Bexbach, on the border of the Saar-Pfalz district, the Utopion outdoor terrain offers over 100 hectares of space for activities and events of all kinds.

situated on the outskirts of Amnéville, in a thermal spa complex and tourist centre (Centre Thermal et Touristique), Villa Pompéi is a wellness temple inspired in design by antique Roman thermae, w

Wildlife park of Saarbrücken, the Saarland state capital. Native wild species in outdoor enclosures, circular routes, nature trails, forest classrooms, and one bistro.

the game reserve with natural preserve is situated near the town of Rappweiler, which is part of the health resort of Weiskirchen.