Optical Telegraph Station Litermont, Nalbach



brief description: 

replica of Claude Chappe´s optical semaphore station, which was part of the telegraph line inaugurated by Napoleon I in 1813, operating between Metz and Mainz. The semaphore is made of stone, it has a height of 7,80 m, an external diameter of 4 m and an internal diameter of 3 m. The mechanics of the signalling system were replicated according to the original plans and are fully functional. The Litermont semaphore is the only functional optical telegraph station in Germany.

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
April to October: Sundays from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and upon prior consultation
historical replication, demonstration piece
interior architecture: 
spiral staircase, telegraph mechanics
Background noise: 
middle of the forest, quiet
forest, hilltop with panoramic view
Space restrictions: 
situated in a forest, on a hilltop with a panoramic view
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed with the association Optische Telegrafenstation Litermont e.V.
multiple possibilities: a hotel and a number of restaurants can be found within a radius of 1 km
multiple possibilities: a hotel and a number of restaurants can be found within a radius of 1 km


coming on the A8, take exit no. 12 (Nalbach) and follow the bypass road 269, direction Nalbach. Once you get to Nalbach, Saarwellingerstraße and Hubertusstraße will lead to the center of town. On Hubertusstraße, turn right onto Düppenweilerstraße, direction Düppenweiler. On the L346, approximately half way between Nalbach and Düppenweiler, turn right onto a dirt road and follow the signposts indicating Litermont, Grauer Stein. From the parking lot, follow the signposts indicating the footpath.
the closest train station is Dillingen/Saar (8 km away). Bus service to Nalbach.


parking lot: 
in the forest, a few 100 metres away
electricity supply: 
water supply: 


Steffen Conrad