Kirchberg Plateau Park Kiosk



brief description: 

In close proximity to the D`COQUE events and sports centre on the Kirchberg Plateau in Luxembourg-City, a new public green space with bodies of water has been created. On the outer edge of this park, throning on its highest point, is a futuristic building, reminiscent of a space ship, that can be seen from afar. The ensemble of structures which resemble cubist sculptures consists of one large building and several smaller ones. The curious use of forms employed by the architect and the diverse colour elements which cover the facades of the cubes create a myriad of impressions, depending on the perspective. But behind the form, there is function, too: in the summer, the large cube is transformed into a kiosk. The smaller cubes have swings in them. This is certainly a location that stands out a bit and invites visitors to constantly discover new points of view and let the different building parts dance so to speak. Parking available on site. Facilities that could possibly serve as green rooms available in the D`COQUE Centre across from the park.


Karin Schockweiler