interesting rock formation, red sandstone and shell limestone, in Blieskastel/Lautzkirchen

Sandstone rock formation in the Limberg ridge. Accessible to the public via a hiking trail with, in part, steep ascents. The more difficult parts of the trail have wooden handrails and stairs.

remnant of an industrial past, the cone-shaped Lydia heap bears witness to the mining history so closely tied to the Saarland.

the large-scale slag heap terrain on the outskirts of Creutzwald is completely surrounded by forested areas and, thus, virtually inaccessible to public view.

the Gisinger Hole is located in the middle of the woods. With its spectacular gorges and ridges, it is perhaps the most beautiful part of the Idesbach Path hiking trail.

located in the Saar Valley, part of the slag heap has been reclaimed, extensively replanted and transformed into a publicly accessible recreation area.