Lydia Heap in Fischbach-Camphausen



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remnant of an industrial past, the cone-shaped Lydia heap bears witness to the mining history so closely tied to the Saarland. The slag heap, which belongs to the municipality of Quierschied, has a total area of 66 hectares and can be explored on foot or by bike. The superior plateau measures 12 hectares, and from its highest point (120 metres), one can enjoy a panoramic view of the cityscape and the Saarkohlenwald forest. After World War II, the slag heap belonging to the Camphausen mine, situated north of the Fischbachbahn railway, reached capacity. In the 1950s, two cone-shaped heaps were created at today´s location and later reassembled to form one mesa-shaped heap. On its superior plateau, you can find three so-called celestial mirrors, filled with rainwater. Filmmakers will appreciate that the Lydia heap scenery makes for a perfect lunar landscape look-alike

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open to the public at any time
industrial heritage
good, but partly unsecured
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road traffic noise coming from the nearby motorway (A623)
the slag heap plateau offers a wonderful panoramic view of the Fischbachtal valley and the Saarkohlenwald forest. You can also see the surface installations belonging to the former Camphausen mine as well as the Göttelborn slag heap


coming from Saarbrücken on the A623 motorway (direction Dudweiler / Camphausen), take the Saarbrücken-Dudweiler exit and turn right onto Dudweiler-Straße (L255). After approx. 250 m, turn left. You will reach a forest road which is closed off by a gate and cannot be accessed by car. There are two parking spaces in front of the gate. The forest path leads directly to the slag heap


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Steffen Conrad