Ensdorf Slag Heap



brief description: 

located in the Saar Valley, part of the slag heap has been reclaimed, extensively replanted and transformed into a publicly accessible recreation area. Its hilltop is a popular launching-off point for hang gliders. The slag heap is surrounded by a hiking trail (approximately 1 km in length) on which you will come across two sculptures: a steel arch and a wooden stairway to heaven. Evidence of an industrial past, the slag heap is also known as Halde Duhamel, named so after the adjoining coal mine. With a surface area of almost 50 hectares and a height of almost 330 metres, this slag heap is one of Germany`s largest, towering far above the neighbouring headframes and all the elevations in the Saar Valley. Halde Duhamel was formed in the 1960s from an originally pointed-cone-shaped slag heap. In the 1980s, it assumed the truncated cone shape it has today. On its south-facing slope, you will find a small vineyard with 99 vines.

relevant filming facts

recreation area
Background noise: 
quiet situation (the higher up the mound, the quieter it gets)
situated amongst woods and fields, at the town limits of Ensdorf, with a view across the Saar Valley to the surrounding localities
Space restrictions: 
to be discussed with the parties responsible
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed with the parties responsible
restaurants in town, approx. 2 km away


arriving on the A620 motorway Saarbrücken-Merzig, take the Saarlouis Lisdorf exit and pass through Lisdorf, direction Saarlouis. In Lisdorf, turn right from Provinzialstraße onto Ensdorfer Straße, direction Ensdorf . In Ensdorf, at the roundabout, keep left (this street is also called Provinzialstraße), then go right, direction Hülzweiler (the name of this street is Beim Fußbroich). Halde Duhamel is situated on the left hand side at the end of town.
Ensdorf train station


parking lot: 
available at the foot of the slag heap, across from the sports hall


Steffen Conrad