multi-storey 19th century building in the center of Sulzbach

The State Agency is located inside a sandstone building from 1875 which used to be the home of the Von der Heydt Mine.

LUUC is a restaurant, café, deli, bar, and wine bistro, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner

medium-sized shop with a large display window and vertical blinds. Two separate areas, the back room has a window

rooftop location, access via spiral staircase and a space with bull’s-eye windows. The two pavilions on the roof are separated by a few meters.

The Union Stiftung is a non-profit German political party foundation associated with the centre-right CDU.

Originally named „Gutshof Junkerwald“ for the forest in which it is situated, the former farming estate has been transformed into a restaurant with 80 covers inside and outdoor seating for 300 gues

Brewery and restaurant with traditional flair, 175 seats inside plus terrace/beer garden and annex.

The restaurant and event location “Onkel Toms Hütte” is named after Harriet Beecher Stowe’s classic American novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It is located in the historic center of Ottweiler.

The district town of Merzig and its sights are situated on the river Saar, approximately 35 km south of Trier and 35 km northwest of Saarbrücken.