vegetarian restaurant with a penchant for Asian, especially Japanese cuisine. Very special, relaxing, colourful atmosphere. The walls are decorated with large-scale oriental-style frescoes.

La Goulue in Metz owes its name to the famous French Cancan dancer who, around 1900, became synonymous with the renowned Moulin Rouge nightclub in Paris.

3 star restaurant

In an industrial park on the outskirts of Luxemburg City, a gigantic storage depot has undergone an ambitious transformation to become a hip and trendy new restaurant.

Housed in an old building with a red brick fa%uFFFDade, the restaurant serves modern creative cuisine. Cosy, artsy, eclectic, romantic atmosphere.

old farm barn which was renovated and developped into a rustic style restaurant with tiled stoves, relics of the original use of the building and tables on various floor levels.

situated on the banks of Lake Niederwürzbach (also featured in the Location Guide), Annahof houses a residential hotel and restaurant.