Le Strapontin is located in the heart of Metz, directly across from the cathedral, in a historic town house from the 18th century.

parts of the former loading facility were used to convert the ground floor of an old grain silo into a café.

The small village of Teuven is situated in the tri-border region of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

Café Mathis is a typical French bar with a sidewalk café.

Situated on a square with a fountain and a church, the Café Jehanne D'Arc (old French spelling of Joan of Arc) is housed in a historic building which dates back to the 13th century.

The Café de la Nied is an old-style coffeehouse and a tremendously popular hangout for the locals of Bouzonville.

very unusual bistro with eclectic, mostly 1950-style décor

A quaint little bar/café with a wonderfully original, eclectic style, Bazaar Sainte Marie is equipped with old furniture from across different eras (e.g. Baroque).

Victorian-style café and pub.

This bar/café/store is located in the heart of the small town of Scy-Chazelles, a few steps away from the Maison Robert Schuman (museum dedicated to the French statesman considered to be one of the founders of the European Union).