Rue de L`Acierie



brief description: 

The rue de l`aciérie is a long street in a working class suburb of Luxembourg City. On one side, it is lined with the houses of former steelworks employees. Across the street is an old factory site, bordered off by a wall trimmed with brick and pierced by lattice windows. Lining the rue de l`aciérie, the wall creates the optical illusion of a seemingly endless road, an effect which is amplified by adjoining, very flat industrial buildings. At one point, the road splits in two, leading around an open space, which is being used as a parking lot. This location exudes a somewhat bleak and dreary atmosphere: the houses seem vacant, everything appears to be abandoned, not a living soul to be found anywhere. A lonely advertisement sign hangs from a fire protecting wall behind the parking lot. Excellent location for filming car chases and stunt scenes. Infrastructure hast to be put in place by the production.


Karin Schockweiler