The holiday home consists of two hotel guest rooms and one apartment

The holiday home consists of two hotel guest rooms and one apartment

The Schanzenberg railway bridge for pedestrians leads across the river Saar and the A620 motorway.

heavily frequented spur route in Saarbrücken

historical well in Bliekastel/Lautzkirchen, idyllic little rest area with bench

Ludwig’s Square can be found in Old Saarbrücken. At its center stands impressively the beautiful Baroque Ludwig’s Church, one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks and one of the most important Protestant churches in Germany. Ludwig’s Square is surrounded by the Saarland state chancellery and lovely, meticulously restored civil servant’s houses. Together, they form a unique architectural ensemble, completed in 1775 by master builder Friedrich Joachim Stengel.

Construction of the central bus station in Püttlingen was completed in 2015.

Turning from Schmollerstraße into Brentanostraße to access Rothenbergstraße, you basically drive right through a building. The passage (Brentanostraße) was dug through a so-called high bunker, i.e. a bunker in which the volume of the protected space is entirely or mainly above the level of the earth's surface.

The district town of Merzig and its sights are situated on the river Saar, approximately 35 km south of Trier and 35 km northwest of Saarbrücken.

10.000 sqm scrapyard, vehicle recycling, car repair shop, spare parts inventory, motor warehouse. Some pieces are stockpiled. Towing vehicles, truck-mounted crane, vintage cars.