Plombières Monastery Ruins



brief description: 

Approaching the village of Plombières, the ancient monastery%u2019s church steeple is visible from afar. Different buildings or building parts are lined up in a peculiar manner alongside the rural road. Especially striking is the image of the ruins of a burned-down house standing right next to the weathered facade of an old church which has been closed for a long time. This inconsolably bleak location tells the story of the demise of a monastery. After having been in use as a retirement home from the 1950s to the 1970s, the complex began to decay more and more. Walls covered with grey slate and narrow passageways between the buildings underline the confining atmosphere. Through time, everything has become overgrown with vegetation. An adjoining farmstead seems almost equally deserted. Unique location. The infrastructure necessary for a production would have to be set up.


Kurt Rathmes