Remote location amidst fields. The futuristic looking water tower is situated at the end of an industrial zone, on the outskirts of the village of Eynatten.

today, the landmarked stately mansion serves as seat of the government of the German-speaking Community of Belgium.

the manor, which dates back to the first half of the 18th century, recently underwent a fundamental restoration.

The historic town hall stands on a market square in the heart of the small town of Montzen. The elongated two-storey brick building has several entrances and is surrounded by a wrought-iron fence.

dam and reservoir with visitor centre in beautiful scenic location, surrounded by forests (www.eupener-talsperre.be)

This raised bog area can be found nestled amidst an extensive landscape of breathtaking beauty in the foothills of the High Fens nature reserve.

Exceptional hotel ensemble whose felicitous juxtaposition of old and new architecture is enhanced by its serene natural surroundings.

Nestled into a beautiful hilly landscape, St. Katherine%u2019s Monastery can be seen from afar. An access road leads to the main entrance.

Situated in the heart of the Belgian town of Eupen, the impressive St. Nicholas Church was built in Renaissance style between 1721 and 1729.

This fin-de-siècle pavilion can be found nestled amidst the Park de Sept Heures in the centre of the city of Spa, famed for its healing hot mineral springs.