Eupen Plaza is a shopping mall in modern architecture with four floors. It is not used in capacity, some retail areas are still free for rent. A glass elevator brings you up to the 3rd floor.

today, the landmarked stately mansion serves as seat of the government of the German-speaking Community of Belgium.

The historic town hall stands on a market square in the heart of the small town of Montzen. The elongated two-storey brick building has several entrances and is surrounded by a wrought-iron fence.

dam and reservoir with visitor centre in beautiful scenic location, surrounded by forests (www.eupener-talsperre.be)

The car wash is located in a back compound and can be reached from the street via a roofed-over access way.

Approaching the village of Plombières, the ancient monastery%u2019s church steeple is visible from afar.

This raised bog area can be found nestled amidst an extensive landscape of breathtaking beauty in the foothills of the High Fens nature reserve.

historic three-wing building ensemble. Main building in good condition, adjoining buildings in need of renovation. Coarsly paved interior court.

One of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia, Clermont-sur-Berwinne lies gently embedded in a valley surrounded by a picturesque landscape.

stately mansion with 2 ha of parkland, a lake, a 350-metre stretch of waterfront (river Vesdre), and an ancient tree population