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Johann-Adams-Mühle, one of the last historically preserved mills in the Saarland, was first mentioned in 1589. The present mill buildings date back to 1735. In 1983, the municipality of Tholey bought the listed historical building and renovated it, keeping closely to the original design.
Historical decrees and complaints from millers demonstrate today how difficult circumstances were in the divided territory of the 18th century: the population belonging to Lorraine since 1778 had to frequent the mill in the neighbouring village of Imsbach; the citizens of the electorate of Trier could get their grain ground on site at Johann-Adams-Mühle. Two miller families that lived together in the mill would take turns every two weeks in using the milling parlour.
Johann-Adams-Mühle, a two-storey, thatched timber-framed construction with a mill-wheel, is the only mill in the Saarland today whose milling parlour still holds medieval traits. The water is being led to the mill-wheel via a twelve metre long bridge made of oak wood. The building walls have been filled with a clay and straw mixture especially produced for the mill. A thatched roof graces the building. An open fireplace and oven have been restored true to the original. The mill-wheel, as well as the old grinding gear (which has been restored according to the medieval antetype) are both fully functioning.
Today, the ensemble houses the Kreismühlen Museum which brings back to life the stories of the miller families from olden times. Especially worth seeing is the exhibition "From Flax To Linen". In the 200-year-old oven, bread is being baked regularly, following old recipes. The small animal barn, in which chicken and pigs used to be kept, houses exhibits from regional artists who also offer creative workshops. The tavern in thze former farm building is the perfect place to relax some.

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Historical monument (restored in its original state)
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Quiet situation in a side street, no traffic noise, no disturbing ambient noise.
Situated on a side street, the mill is directly bordering a forest. Idyllic location without any large, obstructing buildings in close proximity. Residential area with one or two-family homes.
Not available (the building only has two floors)
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Restaurant on site
Small adjacent room available. Additional space can be blocked inside the restaurant.
Johann-Adams-Mühle is characterised by its special historical atmosphere. Its first written mention dates back to early modern age; its historic importance for the Saar region is quite significant. The mill is a unique monument of a time in which progress moved people and technology became an institution. It's that same spirit that can be felt throughout Johann-Adams-Mühle.


Easily accessible by car.
Please check with the municipality of Tholey for a bus schedule.


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