The modern style building dates back to 1971.

Beautifully restored building, originally built as a manor house in 1760. The owner Pierre de Hausen, a former dragoon captain, was appointed Mayor of Kleinblittersdorf in 1789.

Outdoor pool in an exceptionally picturesque setting with wonderful view of the surroundings. Built on the western flank of a hill, it overlooks the town of Kleinblittersdorf.

Former regional branch of the central bank. Today, the building houses the offices of the bank’s IT and human resources departments.

Administrative building with showroom and private observatory with astronomical cupola roof, which is accessible via exterior staircase.

Self-service car wash with spray lance and brush. Four covered wash boxes plus vacuum cleaning systems.

This street is very popular with students and artists. It’s located at the entry of the Nauwieser Viertel district in the heart of Saarbrücken. Beautiful views of city hall.

The courtyard of the estate in Neunkirchen-Furpach is reminiscent of a historic market square. Idyllic location with park and pond (Furpacher Weiher).

The former cotton mill came into use in 1885 and was, at the time, one of only few multi-storied factories in Saarland.

this neutral street is partly on German territory and partly on French territory. Rural surroundings, residential buildings, agriculture, signposts in German and French.