Dam Eupen



brief description: 

dam and reservoir with visitor centre in beautiful scenic location, surrounded by forests (www.eupener-talsperre.be)

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
upon agreement
the dammed lake is a drinking water reservoir. The infrastructure below the retaining wall serves as administrative centre and houses the technical equipment for drinking water purification. The visitor centre is comprised of a tavern with 80 seats and two rooms to accommodate 300 and 70 persons respectively. The lookout, which has been converted into a climbing tower, affords visitors the spectacular adventure of climbing the tower before abseiling 30 metres down again on a rope.
the outside exudes a rather scruffy, late 1970s charm. The tavern is modern and comfortable. The two rooms have a simple, rustic feel.
interior architecture: 
modern style tavern and simple, rustic rooms
Background noise: 
lake Eupen and the dam of the Vesdre are a tourist site located in the woods. The background noise depends on how busy it gets, however, there have never been any problems with noise interfering with filming.
expansive woodland areas with beautiful hiking trails, for example, around the lake
an elevator leads to the top floor. Rooms can also be accessed via stairs or ramps with a moderate inclination (for people with restricted mobility
possible disturbing factors: 
tourist traffic
Space restrictions: 
to be discussed
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed
tavern/concessionary service. The rooms can serve as green rooms.
the rooms can serve as green rooms or they can be used for the different departments. Upon request, the open areas behind the visitor centre can also be used for accommodation purposes. That way, the entire team & crew will have a compact base with the different departments being located close to one another, to catering and to the restrooms.
Filming experience: 
various tv movies and cinema productions. Some very complex and costly projects involving the use of two helicopters, rope sequences and car chases on the dam. Extensive location management experience.


easy access for cars and trucks. Coming from Eupen, follow the signs indicating Talsperre Eupen
the closest train station is Eupen (10 minutes by car). Aachen Central Station is about 25 minutes by car from the dam.


sanitary facilities: 
restrooms in the tavern and the rooms, as well as outside the complex, for visitors of the terrace and the playground.
parking lot: 
parking available for approx. 100 cars at the visitor centre. Additional spaces available for buses and trucks.
electricity supply: 
all power supply lines available inside as well as outside
water supply: 
water connection available outside. Feed lines can be installed.


Kurt Rathmes