The Webenheim Farmers' Festival is one of the largest folk festivals in Saarland. It is celebrated for nine days in July every year on the Webenheim fairground in Blieskastel. Next to a huge party tent, horse races take place on a grass track, and the presentation of rural life in the Bliesgau area is also an essential component. There are carousels and music and stalls and booths and kiosks, but the heart of the festival is the farmer’s market with artisan made foods and goods for sale.

The climbing park is located just outside the Jägersburg disctrict in the city of Homburg.

The “Guldenschlucht” (florin gorge) is an impressive V-shaped valley with a tiny creek and enormous mottled sandstone boulders. The Saar-Moselle hiking trail leads through the gorge, passing over numerous little bridges and stairs, from Saarland to Rhineland-Palatinate. The canyon forest is primarily composed of beech trees. The gorge is also home to fire salamanders.

Der Bliesgau Radweg ist eine Rundtour durch den malerischen Bliesgau. Er startet in Richtung Blieskastel und führt dann auf den Saarland-Radweg auf der stillgelegten Bahntrasse durch das Bliestal.

In memory of the Homburg freedom fighters "Siebenpfeiffer" and "Wirth" and the "Hambacher Fest", which they had called, in 1832.

The castle ruin of the Hohenburg, also called castle Homburg or fortress Hohenburg, is located in Homburg in the Saarpfalz-Kreis in the Saarland.

The "Beeden Tower" are the ruins of a church tower in Beeden, which was first mentioned in 1212.

The biotope of Beeden is home to numerous animal species, e.g. tail cattle, water buffaloes, and Konik horses are used extensively for grazing. Even the white stork feels comfortable here.

The archaeological park is a French-German cross-border project which combines excavations and reconstructions of Celtic and Roman finds with exhibition and educational facilities.

beside the obligatory garages, changing rooms, training classrooms and workshops, this fire brigade station, a functional concrete construction, also disposes of a respiratory protection training f