European Culture Park in Bliesbruck-Reinheim



brief description: 

The archaeological park is a French-German cross-border project which combines excavations and reconstructions of Celtic and Roman finds with exhibition and educational facilities. On the German side, visitors will find the reconstructions of a few Celtic-style dwellings, a large Roman villa and a small museum which exhibits a selection of artefacts. On the French side, there is a reconstructed Gallo-Roman town. There is also a Frankish burial mound from the Merovingian period, accessible to the public. The archaeological park is embedded in the picturesque Blies Valley which provides a beautiful setting for walks.

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm from March to October
museum, event venue, local recreational area
The park was created in 1989, its general condition being as good as new. Time of year and weather conditions should be kept in mind when planning a film shoot.
Background noise: 
relatively quiet, situated on the outskirts (traffic noise cannot be heard in the park)
situated on the outskirts of Reinheim, right on the French border
Space restrictions: 
filming operations to be discussed with the management/parties responsible outside of business hours
Time restrictions : 
filming operations to be discussed with the management/parties responsible outside of business hours
restaurant on the German and the French side of the border


Leave Saarbrücken in the direction of Fechingen and continue on the L107 (Provinzialstraße). Turn right onto the L105, direction Bliesransbach. Follow the signposts indicating Bliesransbach and head through town, following the main road until reaching Bliesmengen-Bolchen. After passing through the town of Bliesmengen-Bolchen, you will reach Habkirchen-Zollhäuser. Turn left onto the B423 (Grenzlandstraße). After approx. 100 metres, in the town of Habkirchen, turn right onto the L105, direction Gersheim/Reinheim. In Reinheim, follow the signposts indicating the archaeological park („Europäischer Kulturpark”). Right before the bridge (Bliesbrücke), turn left onto the parking lot P2. The park is located on the right hand side, behind the bridge.
Going by train, get off at Blieskastel station and take the bus from there (busses operate hourly during high season).


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Steffen Conrad