The Europe Monument is situated in the south-western part of the Saarland, in the district of Saarlouis.

This Roman funerary monument can be found nestled amongst vineyards, in the small village of Bech-Kleinmacher.

on the outskirts of the Baroque city of Blieskastel (also featured in the Location Guide), on top of the Blieskasteler hill, 310 metres above the ground, stands a prehistoric limestone colossus.

the Nalbach Valley`s landmark, the Litermont Cross, can be seen from afar. It was mounted on a jagged rock ledge in 400 metres height and has wonderful far reaching views across the valley.

built in 2013, the observation tower offers gorgeous clear views of large parts of Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate and the picturesque old town of Ottweiler.

the Schwarzenbergturm measures 46 metres in height and dates back to 1930.

at the end of World War I, villagers raised a statue of the Virgin Mary on a hill in Varsberg.

on its way up north, right after having passed the town of Merzig, the Saar river meanders around the western spur of the Hunsrück mountain range.

It is rather difficult, at first sight, to define or categorise this peculiar building. Its modern architectural style stands in sharp contrast to the surrounding scenery.

the town of Noisseville, east of Metz, is mostly known for the Battle of Noisseville (August 31, 1870) during the Franco-Prussian War, at the conclusion of which the German Reich annexed Noissevill

the willow dome is the Saarland's largest living building, a cupola construction with a diameter of 10 metres.

Located near Tholey-Sotzweiler, the steel sculpture (whose name translates into word sail) is 13 metres high and weighs 30 tons.