Europe Monument in Berus



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The Europe Monument is situated in the south-western part of the Saarland, in the district of Saarlouis. It stands on a hill, about 360 metres above sea level, in a town called Berus, which is part of the community of Überherrn. The monument is composed of two 18-metre high reinforced concrete pylons standing side by side. The two elements, which represent the nations of France and Germany, pierce through a platform, symbolising their common historic roots. Memorial plaques on the pylons commemorate the work of the Founding Fathers of the European Union Robert Schuman (French politician), Konrad Adenauer (German chancellor), and Alcide de Gasperi (Italian statesman). As a sign of friendship and interdependence between the two neighbours, France and Germany, the monument is crowned by a bundle of metal beams stretching from one pylon to the other. The idea for the creation of this monument is credited to the Saarland´s former minister of finance, Helmut Bulle (1925-1973). A commemorative plaque honours the Berus local who tirelessly advocated the Franco-German reconciliation for the benefit of a united Europe. In 1966, former German chancellor Dr. Konrad Adenauer broke ground on the Europe Monument, which was completed and inaugurated in 1970.

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accessible all year round
good; some graffiti
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The monument stands on a hill on the outskirts of Berus/Überherrn. In westerly direction, it is bordered by a wooded area.
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noise coming from the parking lot (cars coming and going)
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to be discussed
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to be discussed


Coming from Saarbrücken on the A620 urban motorway going in the direction of Völklingen, Saarlouis, take the Saarlouis-Lisdorf exit. Proceed on the L271 country road going in the direction of Schwalbach, Lisdorf, Ensdorf. After approx. 400 m, at the roundabout, take the third exit, following the B269N federal highway for approx. 3,5 km. Bear half right onto Industriestraße and follow the course of the road for approx. 950 m. At the next roundabout, take the first exit, staying on Industriestraße. After approx. 1 km, turn left onto the L167, then turn right onto Felsberger-Straße (L350) after 850 m. Continue for approx. 2 km before turning left onto Orannastraße. The Europe Monument will appear after 500 m on the left side of the road.


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sufficient spaces available
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Steffen Conrad