The Saarschleife in Mettlach



brief description: 

on its way up north, right after having passed the town of Merzig, the Saar river meanders around the western spur of the Hunsrück mountain range. The Saar has carved itself into the rock and created a beautiful, impressive natural scenery: the Saarschleife (literally Saar Bend) is probably the Saarland most widely recognised landmark. Atop the densely wooded ridge, set amidst the horseshoe-shaped river loop, towers Montclair Castle (also featured in the Location Guide), whose ruins are nestled between oak and hornbeam trees. For the most part, the forested slopes alongside the Saar are a nature reserve and under landscape conservation. The most spectacular view of the v-shaped valley can be enjoyed from the Cloef observation deck, located on the undercut slope of the Saar Bend in the health resort of Orscholz. A short walk (just under 10 minutes) will take visitors from the Cloef observation deck to the Cloef-Atrium. The building, whose exceptional architecture combines elements of wood and glass, is being used as a conference and tourist centre

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
open to the public all year round
Background noise: 
as the Saarschleife and the Cloef are tourist attractions and very popular destinations for locals alike, visitors traffic (and the corresponding noise) are always to be expected
the Saarschleife is situated in a wooded area between the towns of Mettlach and Orscholz
possible disturbing factors: 
noise coming from visitors traffic/tourists
Space restrictions: 
to be discussed
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed
can be organised by the restaurant inside the Cloef-Atrium upon prior arrangement (Tel.: 49 (0) 6865-91150)


parking lot: 
sufficient spaces available in close proximity to the Cloef observation deck
electricity supply: 
water supply: 


Steffen Conrad