Train Station Mersch



brief description: 

Exuding a rather sedate, veteran ambiance, this train station (with classic transit area, ticket counters and adjoining platform) is located right next to an industrial zone, in the heart of the small village of Mersch. The huge windowless industrial buildings form a sharp, almost surreal contrast to the historic rubblestone railway buildings. The considerable difference in height between the towering industrial buildings and the much smaller station buildings creates an optical illusion in the area of the platform, where the tracks appear to be leading off into infinity. The discrepancy between old and new is further emphasised through the contemporary nature of the station´s platform roof, the waiting area, and the entrances and exits to the railway underpasses. All in all, a wild mix of eclectic architectural styles. Sanitary facilities available. Parking in front of the station. Due to the central location, the level of noise interference is rather constant on weekdays.


Karin Schockweiler