Ruerbusch Elsenborn



brief description: 

This raised bog area can be found nestled amidst an extensive landscape of breathtaking beauty in the foothills of the High Fens nature reserve. The expansive terrain, draped across the setting like a colorful carpet in luscious earth tones, is easily accessible via forest roads. Amidst the landscape is a lake with a gradually shelving bank. A lone tree here and there adds to the mystical character of the scenery. This pristine nature is barely interrupted by dirt tracks winding their way through the terrain, only to disappear on the horizon. This location lends itself perfectly for the cinematographic representation of eastern countries and countrysides. This being a raised bog area, only the dirt tracks and their immediate border areas are accessible. Any infrastructure necessary for filming has to be put in place by the production team. In 2008, this landscape was featured in the documentary Fräulein Stinnes fährt um die Welt.


Kurt Rathmes