Raeren Castle



brief description: 

Raeren Castle, whose origins date back to the 14th century, is situated in a valley in the small village of Raeren. Surrounded by a moat, the water castle, which is in perfectly restored condition, has a stone facade, flanked by two towers dating from different periods. A stone archway with the castle´s coat of arms leads to the paved inner courtyard. The main castle building is surrounded by several agricultural buildings belonging to the adjoining farm. The castle entrance is endowed with a rather simple, unadorned two-storey facade. Today, Raeren Castle houses the Museum of Pottery, the castle interior has been adequately transformed for exhibition purposes. The absence of modern architecture elements makes Raeren Castle a perfect historic location. A large parking lot can be found across from the castle. Sanitary facilities and facilities that could be used as crew rooms are available in the museum.


Kurt Rathmes