brief description: 

Prény, whose main monument are its medieval castle ruins, sprawls across gentle south-facing slopes, on which terrace-shaped vineyards used to be planted in the past, giving the village a Provençal look. Prény, therefore, does not belong in the category of traditional linear villages. These villages, also known as street villages because they have developed from a single main street, are typical for the Lorraine region. Their characteristic features are the rows of houses lining both sides of the street and the wide verges between the houses and the street, the so-called usoirs, which were used in former times to keep carts and equipment, stack wood and pile up manure. In the old town of Prény, the streets are very narrow and, hence, there are no usoirs. Prény is, in fact, the remnant of an ancient medieval town.

relevant filming facts

tourism & leisure
good overall condition
rural landscape, castle ruins, Pagny-sur-Moselle
possible disturbing factors: 
none, except for the LGV high-speed rail line winding its way through the landscape (in some distance though)


the Metz train station is about 40 minutes away


parking lot: 
sufficient parking possibilities, bearing in mind the narrow streets


Marie-Alix Fourquenay