Luxembourg Railway Station



brief description: 

The historic railway station is located south of the city centre and surrounded by urban, modern buildings. The imposing clock tower, which can be seen from a considerable distance, is flanked by two side wings, from where the railway tracks can directly be accessed. The station´s main building (with the main entrance) was built in the traditional Moselle neo-baroque style and can best be admired from the plaza in front of the station. The impressive entrance hall with its splendidly painted cupola houses a number of stores and the ticket windows. At the back of the main hall are the railway tracks, whose historical charm, unfortunately, had to give way to modern functionality. With the much frequented station being the central hub of Luxembourg´s domestic railway network, and automobile traffic around the railway plaza being rather heavy, the level of noise interference is constant. Parking available. Use of electricity and sanitary facilities inside the station may be possible. The surrounding area offers several possibilities for setting up a green room.


Karin Schockweiler