Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial



brief description: 

20,3 hectares in extent, the Luxembourg American Cemetery is situated in a beautiful wooded area, just outside of Luxembourg City, in proximity to the airport. It was inaugurated on July 4th 1960 and contains the remains of 5076 American soldiers. The cemetery is entered through a wrought-iron portal, which is adorned with golden laurel wreaths, symbolising courage and military merit. Not far from the entrance, visitors will find the monumental chapel, a fountain with bronze sculptures, and a large marble plaque with inscriptions of the names of soldiers missing in action. Sloping gently downhill from the memorial is the burial area containing the 5076 tombs of American service members. Graves are marked by white marble crosses set orderly in meticulously maintained lawns. The gravestones of the 118 Jewish soldiers buried here have a Star of David shape. Easy access to the parking lot (the cemetery terrain itself can be somewhat problematic because of the lawn in the burial area, for example). The visitors welcome building could be used as green room (sanitary facilities available). Noise disturbance possible due to the close proximity of the airport and the Autobahn.


Karin Schockweiler