Lake Niederwürzbach



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already in the 18th century, the area surrounding Lake Niederwürzbach was considered to be among the most beautiful regions under the jurisdiction of Marianne von der Leyen (1745-1804). It was not for nothing that the imperial countess chose Niederwürzbach as her summer residence and had a representative country château as well as a few follies and rural estates built around the lake. The residential house with the mansard roof on the south bank was erected in 1785/86 and, because of its red façade, was given the nickname Maison Rouge (red house). In 1788, Marianne von der Leyen commissioned her court gardener, Simon Glattfelder, to build Annahof manor (also called Runder Bau, German for round building) on the north bank of the lake. Today, Annahof (also featured in the Location Guide) houses a residential hotel and a restaurant ( Follow Marxstraße alongside Lake Niederwürzbach and you will find a second, smaller pond approximately 1 km into the forest, which also lends itself perfectly as an undisturbed shooting location. A notable characteristic of Lake Niederwürzbach is that, from certain perspectives, its shape resembles the course of a river rather than a lake or a pond

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accessible all year round
tourism, recreation
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noise coming from the street and railway tracks running alongside the south bank of the lake
rural environment, vast grasslands and forest areas


coming from Saarbrücken, take the A620 urban motorway going in the direction of St. Ingbert/Kaiserslautern/Mannheim. At the Saarbrücken interchange (Autobahndreieck Saarbrücken), proceed onto the A6 motorway and continue for approx. 11,6 km. Take the St.Ingbert-Mitte exit (no. 6) going in the direction of St.Ingbert, Spiesen-Elversberg, Niederwürzbach, Hassel by turning onto Sankt-Ingberter-Straße (L111 country road). Follow the course of the road for approx. 2,6 km. Sankt-Ingberter-Straße will turn into Rittershofstraße. Follow its course for another 2,7 km until the street turns into Bezirksstraße. After 150 m, turn left onto Dammstraße, then make another left onto Marxstraße, and you will have reached the lake Niederwürzbacher Weiher


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