Helenenburg Monastery in Welschbillig



brief description: 

the historic monastery is located on a hill just outside of Welschbillig, a municipality in the Eifel region of western Germany. It comprises an impressive main building with the monastery gate, a church (right behind the main building) and adjoining administrative and service buildings. Helenenburg has always been a children´s home and, under the name of Don Bosco, it still serves as a youth welfare centre with secondary and special school facilities today. The main monastery building is located directly on a street, either side of which is lined with other historic buildings. Parking spaces are available in the courtyard, adjacent to which are the administrative and service buildings as well as the studios and workshops which are being used by the Don Bosco Centre. The interior is not entirely preserved in the original historical style. The hallways, rooms and premises are rather plain and have been appropriated to the specific needs and purposes of the centre. Filming inside the buildings as well as the church is possible but must be coordinated with the centre´s schedules, programmes and activities.


Steffen Conrad