This rural fire brigade house is situated on the village square of Hersdorf. A historic calvary in the centre of the square indicates where the main street divides.

the small commune of Neuerburg in the Eifel region captivates visitors with the naturalness of its landscape and its historic ambience.

This bus stop is situated on a slightly descending town high street in the small town of Wallersheim in Rhineland-Palatinate.

This bus stop with shelter is situated in a desolate location at a rural intersection just outside the small town of Schlausenbach.

Historic rural railway station with adjoining building located in the Eifel region of western Germany, in the village of Auw an der Kyll, to be more precise.

this ancient barn is located on a very quiet and little frequented rural road. The rubblestone façade shows the signs of time.

the palette factory is located at the entrance of the municipality of Wallersheim. Beyond the fore court facing the street stand the factory buildings.

This privately owned filling station is situated at the town limits of the small town of Karlshausen.

This clockmaker's and photo shop with historic facade dates back to the turn of the century. It is located on a street with other historic buildings, in the very heart of the village of Kyllburg.

This rural grocery market with a small storefront borders a historic residential building, which makes for an interesting architectural contrast.