Hôtel de la Cathédrale Metz



brief description: 

the Hôtel de la Cathédrale was built in 1627. It is situated in the very heart of Metz and, as the hotel´s name implies, in the immediate neighbourhood of the cathedral. Some of the rooms on the top floors offer an unobstructed view over the roof of the cathedral and the city´s historic buildings respectively. Noteworthy is also the hotel´s quaint little inner courtyard with an antique staircase, typical for the era of its origin

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
24/7 all year round
very good (renovated in 1997 and in 2007)
interior architecture: 
inner courtyard and open wooden staircase with wrought iron banister; numerous rooms equipped with fireplace
Background noise: 
rooms are soundproofed; the hotel is situated on a large square in the pedestrian zone with relatively little traffic
possible disturbing factors: 
background noise due to road traffic and, possibly, construction work
Space restrictions: 
hallways and corridors are, in part, very narrow
Time restrictions : 
at certain times of the year, festivities such as the Fête de la Musique (music festival) or the Fête de la Bière (beer festival) take place in close proximity to the hotel
can be organised by the hotel upon prior arrangement
additional facilities for make-up, wardrobe, technical equipment, etc. can be made available upon prior agreement (large storage rooms in the basement; garage for one car; possibly parts of the restaurant)


the hotel is situated downtown Metz, across from the cathedral, which is clearly signposted (Cathédrale) throughout the city. Starting out in front of the cathedral, follow the street on the left going downhill. It leads directly to the hotel´s front entrance


sanitary facilities: 
parking lot: 
metered car park across from the hotel; larger vehicles can park approx. 50 m away, across from the Opéra Théâtre
electricity supply: 
available (220V)
water supply: 


Marie-Alix Fourquenay