Eynatten Truck Wash



brief description: 

Between the motorway and the village of Eynatten, a slip-road branches off the countryside highway, leading to the Eynatten truck wash. Large hall with extra high and wide access gate, truck park and exit. Washing plant with hose system and brushes suitable for the automatic cleaning of trucks. The cleaning process, from start to finish, takes a few moments and ends with a whizzing roar. The waiting room is a small and simple seating area in a spartan container office located by the exit. In this chilly, technical environment, the huge trucks exude an exciting atmosphere that´s thrilling and oppressive at the same time. In combination with the very particular noise, the truck wash makes for an exceptional location. Ample parking is available on site, as are electrical connections. Sanitary facilities and supporting facilities (such as additional crew rooms, for example) would have to be set up by the production.


Kurt Rathmes