Domaine Henri Ruppert



brief description: 

impressive futuristic building tucked away among vineyards, in close proximity to the wine-making village of Schengen. The unusual, cleverly designed architecture with its undulating form and the grass-covered roof makes the building look like a giant green wave. The large open glass front offers a splendid uninhibited view of the Moselle Valley, the vineyards and the village of Schengen, while the rear of the building, gradually sloping off, gently merges into the hillside. This is also where the entrance is located to the living quarters (still under construction) on the upper level of the house. One floor below is the winery with its tasting room where customers can sit down to have a taste of the in-house specialities. A small insight into the wine-making process can be gained through a large window with view of the cellar, barrels and bottling equipment, a zone with an extremely sterile and modern atmosphere located in a gigantic hall right next to the wine storage. The necessity for a wine cellar cooling system spawned another architectural peculiarity: directly above the cellar, on the side of the building, a large water basin was built, which can also be used as a swimming pool. Sanitary facilities and parking spaces are available. The building is easily accessible for cars. Remarkable, extraordinary property, perfectly suited for film work.


Karin Schockweiler