Cube 521



brief description: 

located at an intersection in the small rural town of Marnach in northern Luxembourg, the wood-panelled cubist construction reminiscent of a factory building was conceived by architect Romain Hoffmann. Since the official opening of this modern culture centre in 2007, Cube 521 has become the focus of cultural life in the region, offering a diverse programme of events, ranging from workshops to professional performances, including music, theatre and dance. Through the building`s large glass facades, you can see the futuristic bar counter in the entrance hall/foyer, from where different hallways lead to the performance hall (with stage). The modern architectural style is marked by a reduced simplicity with wood being the predominant material of choice, inside and out. Ample parking, sanitary facilities and possibilities for setting up green rooms are available. Interesting, quite literally extraordinary location.


Karin Schockweiler