Country Manor in Roth an der Our



brief description: 

situated in an impressive secluded location above the municipality of Roth an der Our, this quaint country manor, surrounded by ancient walls, and the old church with cemetery make for a picturesque ensemble of historic buildings in a beautiful, pastoral setting. The approach to the manor past the gatehouse arrives at a terrain which offers, from one end, an open view of the adjoining church and, from the other, a far-reaching view down the valley. The rather plain looking three-storey building with smooth plastered walls, limewashed in yellow ochre, is flanked by a turret. The rear part of the building has been added and, consequently, is more modern. With its enclosing brick walls and the gatehouse, the surrounding garden gives a lovely scenic, enchanting impression. The manor is privately owned and inhabited, a permission for interior filming must be obtained from the proprietors.


Steffen Conrad